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Whether you’re a road cyclist, mountain biker, or just getting started, our BikeFit assessments are designed to help you improve your bike setup so you can avoid injury, improve your cycling performance and enjoy a comfier ride.

Bodyset BikeFit assessments are performed by our expert physiotherapists who have a wealth of experience in the physical and mental demands of endurance sports, particularly cycling and running.

We know that the most common cycling injuries are caused by muscle imbalance, repetitive movement, and a poorly fitted bike. That’s why our physiotherapists evaluate how you ride your bike to identify what could be causing you pain or hindering your performance. They use this information to put in place plans to improve your strength, stability, and mobility on the bike and get you going faster for longer!

Who are bike assessments for?

Whether you’re a regular bike commuter, complete beginner or sportive addict, our physios will assess you and your bike to find your perfect pedal, seat and body positioning. 

If you’ve ever had to cut a ride short because of pain, felt stiff and uncomfortable after riding or struggled to recover from a cycling injury, a bike assessment is for you. 

What can I expect from my appointment?

We’ll go through everything, from how you use your bike and any pain or niggles you feel day-to-day, to a full assessment of how you cycle and what needs to change. 

Your assessment includes:

  • A look at your full cycling and medical history
  • An examination of your range of movement and joint strength 
  • A look at your bike and the way it’s set up now
  • Handlebar and saddle height adjustments
  • Advice on cleat positioning (if you use them)
  • Video analysis of your cycling before and after adjustments
  • Advice on posture and technique 
  • Recommended exercises and rehab to help you stay pain and injury free

We’re happy to email your video analysis to you and will delete it after the session.

Why should I choose a physio-led bike assessment?

All our bike assessments are carried out by trained physiotherapists. You may only need very small adjustments to your bike after a bike assessment. Often, it’s more important that you change your posture or technique rather than anything on your bike. 

A physiotherapist will be able to see exactly how the way you ride your bike could be causing you pain, and put in place plans to improve your strength, stability and mobility on the bike.

What to bring and wear to my appointment?

All you need to bring is your bike. You should wear tight-fitting clothing so we can see how your body moves during the analysis and your usual cycling shoes. Changing facilities are available at the clinic.

Are bike assessments covered by private health insurance?

Unfortunately our bike assessments are not currently covered by private health insurance.

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BikeFit appointments are currently available to book at our clinic in King’s Cross, but we’re expanding! So if that’s not near you, then please get in touch using the form below, to find out when BikeFit is coming to a clinic near you.

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