Do you need a brace?

A brace is a support that can be worn to reduce pain, prevent injuries, and help you recover after an injury. Different types of braces are made in a variety of materials and offer a range of support levels.

The right brace for your pain will depend on your condition. Bodyset have partnered with industry leading supplier Enovis to provide you access to the leading technology in bracing. Alongside our qualified physiotherapists we can recommend the perfect type of brace that is right for you, support you through measuring up, fitting the perfect brace and where necessary the course of physiotherapy to ensure you continue to build back to your full health.

Can I get a bracing appointment near me?

Yes bracing is available in all Bodyset clinics in Beaconsfield, Brigg, Bristol, Cobham, Farnham, Godalming, Harley Street, Horsham, Newbury and Oxford. Find your nearest location here:

Who needs a brace?

Bracing can support someone to continue with normal activities or sports whilst they have a previous or current injury. Working with a physiotherapist you can ensure you get a brace that is suitable to your needs and maximise the benefits of wearing one by being fitted properly.

What should I wear to my bracing appointment?

Please arrive wearing loose fitting clothing so your physiotherapist has easy access to see your pain points and can measure you up with ease. Changing facilities are available at the clinic.

What happens in my bracing appointment

You will be asked a series of questions that will help to identify the cause of your condition or concern.

You will then be asked to perform a range of movements, bespoke to your condition or concern.  Throughout this part of the assessment, your clinician will explain what they are looking for and what they are finding – there’s nothing worse than not knowing whats going on!

Lastly, your clinician will summarise their findings, prescribing the most suitable brace for your condition and placing an order for you. When the brace is ready, our customer care team will invite you back to the clinic for a formal fitting with your clinician.

We offer the following Enovis knee braces: OA Nano, OA Adjuster, Armor Fourcepoint and FullFource. Actyfoot Ankle Brace and the Elastic Knitted Range of Knee Braces are also routinely stocked in clinics, plus many more.

How much is a bracing appointment?

Please check your preferred clinic location page for pricing. Please note that braces are an additional charge should you wish to purchase them at the end of your appointment.