Raise your game this season⛳

A bespoke assessment designed to help you prevent injury and maximise your performance.

Want to enhance your golf game and stay in great shape? That’s what our GolfFit service at Bodyset is all about! We focus on your body’s mobility, strength, flexibility, and endurance to boost your golf performance​.

We go beyond the Titleist Performance Institute Screening, offering personalised exercises and treatments to support your golfing journey. Our goal? To help you become the absolute best version of yourself on the golf course and keep you golfing for longer. 

We can work alongside your golf coach, providing them with detailed reports to ensure everyone’s on the same page.

Ready to elevate your golf game? Try GolfFit at Bodyset – your swing, will thank you! 

What happens during a GolfFit Assessment?

During your GolfFit assessment, we’ll perform a full body screening looking at your biomechanics during the action of a golf swing. While asking you to perform a series of tests, we’ll identify and analyse any physical limitations that could adversely affect your golf swing and lead to injury. Following your assessment we’ll advise on a plan of action to improve your body’s mobility, strength, flexibility, so you can play for longer without injury.

How does a GolfFit Assessment differ to a TPI screening?

We’re taking a unique approach compared to a typical TPI screen. While we draw inspiration from TPI, our focus shifts through a musculoskeletal lens. Our GolfFit specialists hone in on physical or functional limitations that might be impacting your swing. Our goal isn’t to coach your swing directly; instead, we aim to collaborate with you (and potentially your coach) on addressing the physical aspects, separate from swing coaching.

Why is a GolfFit Assessment so important?

With the outbreak of the pandemic, 2020 saw a surge from 2.5 million to 5.2 million people playing golf in the UK alone. Since 2021, statistics show that there is now as many as 66.6 million people playing golf worldwide. Coinciding with that, the probability of golf related injuries is much greater. Golf-related injuries affect 25% – 62% of amateur golfers and 89% of professional golfers. We want to provide you with the tools you need to prevent injury and to keep you prepared for your tee time.

What shall I bring or wear to my GolfFit Assessment?

Wear something comfortable. Preferably shorts and a polo shirt, so we can better assess how you move. Bring your 5-iron club or the closest club to, but ensure you club down and not up due to clinic space.

How much is a GolfFit assessment? 

To view pricing, please visit your nearest GolfFit clinic location. You can view the available locations here.