Take your sports performance to the next level

Develop strength, speed, and power to maximise sports performance and reduce risk of injury, with sports rehab therapy.

Every body is different, and understanding your bio mechanical strengths and weaknesses could be key to unlocking your performance potential. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or committed athlete, we’ll work with you to monitor your body’s unique structure to help you prevent injury and maximise your sports performance. From pitch to pool, and from track to training ground, we’re committed to helping you reach your goals.


What does Sports Rehab Therapy involve?

1. Assessment

During your assessment, our expert therapists will examine your strength, mobility, and flexibility using a series of tests. This helps us to identify any potential risks of injury and other factors which may be limiting your training and performance.

2. Bespoke plan

Off the back of your assessment, our therapists will develop a bespoke performance programme and/or injury recovery plan that focuses on strengthening or mobilising areas that require more attention. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or someone looking to compete on the international stage, we'll create an effective treatment and performance plan bespoke to your goals.

3. Treatment and tracking

Our programmes offer a unique blend of manual therapy and exercise therapy, unique to you and your goals. Many of our 26+ clinics have dedicated rehab and performance studios or gym spaces to allow for in-clinic monitoring and progression. Led by science, supported by tech, we'll set your baseline and track your progress. So not only will you feel the results, you will see the results from the objective data we share throughout. Let's get you feeling fitter, faster and stronger.

4. On-going support

Our therapists are always on hand to help and our easy-to-use Bodyset app means you’re never alone and don’t have to wait until your next appointment for further advice. Your goal is our goal, so you can expect unlimited hands-on support every step of the way.

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Who is Sports Rehab Therapy for?

Weekend warriors and competitive athletes looking to recover from injury or improve their sporting performance.

Whether you are looking to complete your first couch to 5k or podium at your next ultra event, we’re here to help you recover from injury and unleash your sporting potential.

Is there Sports Rehab Therapy near me?

Sports Rehab Therapy is available at Bodyset clinics across London, Surrey, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and West Sussex. To find your nearest clinic, please see here.

What should I bring and wear to my appointment?

Wear something comfortable. Preferably shorts and a tight-fitting shirt, so we can better assess how you move.

How much is Sports Rehab Therapy?

To view pricing, please visit your nearest Sports Rehab Therapy clinic location. You can view the available locations here.