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How to Improve Your Sleep
How to Improve Your Sleep 11 Sep 2019

Our physio James talks about the value of a good nights sleep and shares his five recommendations on how to get it.  Sleep has a very important role to play when it comes to our mental and physical health.  It provides our [...]

Sports and Remedial Massage
Sports and Remedial Massage 14 Feb 2018

The benefits of sport and remedial massage and is it for me: It is likely you will have heard of sports massage, seen it advertised, or even received sports massage in the past. But you might be wondering what benefits [...]

IBS and Exercise
IBS and Exercise 1 Sep 2017

Irritable Bowel Syndrome …an annoying, intrusive problem to have. The ‘I’m so sorry’ look at your waiter and friends as you start your list of dietary requirements. Or just generally feeling uncomfortable all of the time, so much so it can [...]

Using exercise to treat anxiety – the facts!
Using exercise to treat anxiety – the facts! 29 Aug 2017

What are the facts about using exercise to treat anxiety? Thanks to media exposure and celebrities opening up, we speak about anxiety disorders more and more. This is a hugely positive step as anxiety or any other mental health illness [...]

Mindfulness and Stress
Mindfulness and Stress 29 Mar 2017

A natural response to help keep us alert and avoid danger, stress is something many of us experience as part of our everyday lives. Problems can start to occur when our bodies endure excess levels of sustained stress. Chronic stress [...]

5 tips for improving sleep quality
5 tips for improving sleep quality 16 Mar 2017

We all know that getting a good night’s sleep is essential for our health and general wellbeing. We’ve put together 5 quick tips to help those of us seeking a good night’s sleep.

Why Women Should Start Boxing
Why Women Should Start Boxing 24 Jan 2016

Introduction With “Creed” and “Southpaw” films being released recently and with the health kick in the new year, many individuals are being inspired to take up boxing. There is a stigma around boxing being a men’s sport and it not [...]

Top 10 reasons why swimming is for you
Top 10 reasons why swimming is for you 13 Oct 2016

1. Managing Your Weight Swimming burns more calories in 30 minutes than walking, cycling or even running. You can burn 367 calories swimming breaststroke for half an hour. Depending on stroke an speed, you can burn more. It’s a great [...]