Avni Bhansali

Clinic Manager, Senior MSK Physiotherapist & Women's Health Specialist

Avni graduated with a BSc in Biomedical Science from Imperial College London and an MSc in Physiotherapy from Brunel University London. She has experience working with all ages (pediatrics and adults) and specialises in treating spinal conditions, scoliosis, and chronic lower back pain. She has also trained in the APPI (Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute) Pilates rehabilitation method.

Avni chose to become a physiotherapist due to her passion for science and her desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives. She really enjoys educating and empowering her patients to take control of their health. As a physiotherapist, she also enjoys challenging herself intellectually, constantly learning and adapting to new research and techniques.

Outside of work, she enjoys playing badminton, running and exploring new places to hike!