Ayushi Parihar

Chartered MSK Physiotherapist

Ayushi has experience specialising in variety of sports and neurological conditions. She’s worked with hospitals, football clubs, and NGOs where she helped facilitate health awareness programmes for rheumatoid arthritis and the importance of hygiene and physical activity for young girls. Upon moving to the UK, Ayushi completed her MSc in Sports and Exercise Medicine at the University of Nottingham, where she further developed her sports rehabilitation skills.

Certified in Intermediate Trauma and Medical Management in Football (ITMMiF) by the Football Association (FA), Ayushi is an empathetic and compassionate physiotherapist. She believes movement is medicine and strives to help others believe that too.  She believes that using an evidence based approach that incorporates both exercise and manual therapy techniques, is crucial for optimum recovery. 

Outside of work, Ayushi loves photography, playing basketball, watching sports, cooking and exploring cafes across the city.