Jack Winyard

Senior MSK Physiotherapist & Clinic Manager

Jack is a Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist. He has a background in Sport and Exercise Science, and enjoys treating a range of clients, from a non-sporting population through to elite athletes.He has strong relations with a wide network of consultants and health professionals, which enables him to provide detailed and insightful treatment programmes.Jack has developed an interest in sports injuries and sports performance, with experience in treating all levels of cyclists and triathletes. As a result, he has spent time specialising in the area to become a professional BikeFit practitioner. This enables him to treat injuries, manage specific bike complaints and improve cycling performance.

Over the years he has looked after a GB skier, working hard on post-op rehabilitation and injury prevention. Here he has been able to combine work with pleasure as Jack is an avid skier who is always looking for the next challenge on the slopes! Jack ensures that his patients play a key role in decision-making processes throughout their physiotherapy journey. He often finds that the best approach to treatment is a combination of education, manual therapy including massage, joint mobilisation, Acupuncture and dry needling, and exercise prescription, utilising his experience in APPI Pilates.

Outside of the clinic you’ll find Jack cycling, running, or hitting the gym. If he’s not exercising, he’s watching the rugby and out with friends!