Jayde Cabourne

Clinic Manager, Senior MSK Physiotherapist & Women's Health Specialist

Jayde graduated from Nottingham University in 2012 and over the past 10 years she has developed a wealth of knowledge from her work in professional football and private practices. She has an interest foot and ankle injuries and enjoys working with runners to either prevent injuries or rehab them. 

As a Mummy MOT Women’s Health Specialist, Jayde believes the physical care of pre and post-natal women is of huge importance. Many conditions such as pelvic girdle pain and urinary incontinence stop women from doing the things they love can be helped and prevented with physiotherapy treatment.

She specialises in Pilates and gets most of her patients on the reformer during their rehab sessions. It’s a fantastic form of treatment. She also loves to run and wants to help women of all ages get back to running; whether its post natal, training for a marathon or post injury.

Over the years she has also worked with skiers, building up strength and conditioning for their upcoming ski holidays. 

Beyond the clinic, Jayde enjoys spending time with her young son and husband. They enjoy going for walks in the Surrey countryside. Jayde also keeps herself fit by going to the gym and running regularly.