Benefits of massage therapy

Apr 25 2015


Stressed out? Injured? Feeling lethargic? Want a better quality of life? Why not get a massage?

Massage therapist, Charlotte Sullivan from our sister clinic at The Massage Group in Crowborough looks into the benefits of massage.

Benefits of regular massage

By receiving regular massage you are relieving your body from the physical and mental stresses that develop during our everyday lives. There is no denying the power of massage therapy and the number of benefits that it carries. Below are some of the great and simple ones that all of us can take advantage of…

-Improves Circulation

-Improves our immune system

-Reduces pain

-Decreases stress and anxiety

-Decreases blood pressure

-Improves our overall mood

All of these benefits listed above work hand in hand with each other, for example, by decreasing our stress and anxiety levels and improving our body’s circulation, we automatically decrease our blood pressure.

Massage effect on ageing and injury

There are so many other benefits that come with massage therapy that we can gain from as we get older or as other issues may arise. Here are some examples of how massage can help us tackles the symptoms of ageing or injury…

-Postural Improvement

-Improves our body’s range of motion

-Promotes deeper and easier breathing

-Helps against insomnia

-Enhances post-operative rehabilitation

-Enhances rehabilitation after injury

-Improves joint mobility

-Reduces spasms and cramps

-Enables injured, tired and overused muscles to relax and soften

-Eases medication dependency

-Improves the condition of our skin

-Helps athletes of any level, whether an Olympic athlete or a daily jogger, prepare and recover from activity

-Releases endorphins, which are our body’s natural pain killer

Research also shows that massage can have a profound effect towards the assistance of physiological and chemical changes, resulting in Asthmatics showing increased peak airflow, arthritis sufferers having fewer aches and less stiffness, High blood pressure patients indicating a lower diastolic blood pressure, anxiety and stress hormones. All these benefits can really help turn around someone’s quality of life. Who wouldn’t want that?

Research continues to demonstrate the growing benefits of massage therapy and how it can help towards treating chronic diseases, neurological disorders, injuries and relieving the tensions of the modern-day lifestyle.


As explained above massage can do you the world of good and getting regular massage will only enhance that. Budgeting the time and money for massage therapy at frequent intervals is a great and sensible investment in your health and can play a huge part in how healthy and youthful you will be and remain each year. If you consider massage therapy a necessary part of your health and well-being plan you will no doubt see the benefits in no time!