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Elevate Your Skiing Experience: A SkiFit Review with Will Freear at APEX2100

Nov 8 2023

Skiing isn’t just a sport; it’s a way of life for many, including Will Freear, an accomplished athlete on the APEX2100 programme, an elite skiing academy based in Tignes, France, with Sir Clive Woodward as Performance Director.
Will is just 17 years old and with a recent podium finish at the English Alpine Champs, Will’s journey in skiing is nothing short of impressive. Like any dedicated athlete, Will understands the significance of continuous improvement and injury prevention in his quest for skiing excellence so we invited him along to try out our new SkiFit service, with Senior MSK Physiotherapist,  Jack Winyard at our Farnham clinic.

“After a successful finish earlier this year at the English Alpine Champs, I want to keep pushing my limits and take care of my body to maintain my peak performance so when I heard about the SkiFit service and how it could compliment my build for the season, I was keen to come along and find out more.

I met my practitioner Jack at Bodyset Farnham and he was really relaxed and friendly with good knowledge around skiing. The service started with a short review of my previous medical history and other injuries. Jack then took me through a series of physical tests to analyse my body’s strength and conditioning. I’ve been provided a customised exercise programme aimed at boosting my core strength and mobility specific to skiing, and that should enhance my performance and lower the risk of injuries in the upcoming ski season. I was impressed that Jack was also able to link up with my ski coach at Apex2100 to share all the insight from the session. I am now looking forward to working with my coach to include some of the learnings from my SkiFit assessment into my training routine.” Will Freear

We caught up with Jack, our Senior MSK Physiotherapist in Farnham, to understand more about the SkiFit assessment, and how it can help skiiers like Will,  as well as skiiers at other levels of ski ability. “The Ski Fit appointment can be tailored to you, no matter what your experience is within the sport, as specialists we can help identify where someone may have body weakness through the ski motion and support those looking to return from injury, enhance their ski journey or improve performance at the highest level. We initiate the process with a focused MSK assessment, which allows us to delve deep into ski-specific concerns. During the session, we meticulously analyse skiing biomechanics, paying close attention to factors like leg steering range and leg lean, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the individuals unique skiing style. The key is translating these assessment findings into relatable skiing attributes. When I met Will I was able to help him see the direct impact of these factors on his skiing experience. Ultimately, we work with our clients to design a personalised strength and conditioning programme which not only enhances the individuals skiing biomechanics and performance but also significantly reduces their risk of injury.

Elevate your skiing experience with a SkiFit assesment

Discover SkiFit with Bodyset. Whether you’re new to skiing, concerned about injuries, or eager to boost your skills and performance, our SkiFit service caters to your needs. We also offer a unique range of complimentary services, including bespoke Bracing for those looking for added protection, PelviPower to enhance core strength, and Footscan & Orthotics, providing a full gait analysis — ideal for tailored insoles, ensuring we provide a holistic approach to your skiing experience.

Lets get out and make memories on the slopes this season. Book your SkiFit service today and prepare for a season of ski adventures! ️❄️