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Fitness and Performance Five common reasons for inside knee pain

Oct 7th 2021

Pain on the inside of the knee (medial knee pain) can happen to anyone, whether you’re a runner, footballer or casual gym-goer. Today, physiotherapist Matt looks in detail at five [...]

Health and Wellbeing 5 ways physiotherapy can improve mental health 

Oct 6th 2021

The ultimate goal of physiotherapy is to enhance people’s everyday lives – whether that’s through increasing sporting performance, or managing rehab, recovery and pain relief. Because when we’re not moving as well as we’d like, it [...]

Fitness and Performance How to mentally prepare for race day 

Sep 30th 2021

When you commit to a running race – whether it's the London Marathon or your first 5k – you also commit to conditioning your body so that it’s healthy, prepared [...]